_mobile development

apprausch develops customized solutions in the field of mobile applications. We design cross-platform applications for smartphones and tablets using the platforms iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8. In addition to the development of cloud-based enterprise applications is one of our priorities in the field of Context-Aware Computing, ie the influence of environment-specific information on the software maximizing the added value for the user. We are also developing geo-applications.

Our mobile solutions combine superior design, first-class, intuitive ease of use with high-grade functionality that allows you to maximize the productivity of your mobile employees and to collect all the data in the background and to provide the efficiency and competitiveness of your company ensure.

  • To have a precise understanding of user problems
  • A continuous evaluation of the diagnostic results with regard to the development of solutions to recurring problems
  • A UI corresponding to the user’s satisfaction

_Web development

apprausch developed collaboration portals and web-based enterprise applications. Here we are using the cloud platform Microsoft Windows Azure. By adapting to the development and integration into your existing IT infrastructure, we offer individual solutions.

  • Development of complex web portals
  • Development of Geo-solutions

_cloud solutions

apprausch supports you in the development of a comprehensive strategy to tailor and deploy cloud solutions in your company. We analyze your existing IT infrastructure and help you develop your individual Business Cloud.

  • Analysis of existing IT infrastructures
  • Feasibility studies
  • Development of an individual strategy for cloud solutions


Our interdisciplinary team has extensive experience in a variety of programming languages ​​and platforms. We use in our individual solutions always exactly the technologies that are best suited for the reactions of our customers’ requirements.

SAP | SharePoint | SalesForce | HubSpot

_mobile platforms
iOS | Android | BlackBerry

_web platforms
ASP.NET | Fiori | SharePoint | AngularJS

_frameworks languages
​​.NET / C # | Java | Python | C ++ | Objective C | Swift | OpenCL | Matlab

_deployment platforms
Visual Studio | Eclipse | XCode | Xamarin

_cloud platforms
Microsoft Azure | Amazon Web Services


_Software cluster

The software cluster is Europe’s most powerful network companies, training and research institutions in the field of software development.


_design 4 experience

The aim of the project is Design4Xperience the development and implementation of methods and tools, which make SMEs their software more attractive and can make a positive experience for users.





BizSpark is a Microsoft program did Provides free Microsoft products – software design and development tools to qualifying Software Development business startups for 3 years.