B2X Diagnostics App


With an intelligent problem classification approach the B2X Diagnostics App will be able to provide user centric solutions for solving smartphone problems. Solving problems user centric means:

  • Understanding the user’s issues as accurate as possible
  • Leverage diagnostic results to create smart solutions to frequently experienced issues
  • Providing an UI that matches the users expectations

With a scalable backend server and an intelligent diagnostics approach, B2X is able to provide user-centric solutions for typical issues experienced with smartphones. A constantly learning database collects information about experienced user problems while comparing the test results and contextual information from the smartphone.

In the latest version, we implemented a fully automated test suite. The user starts the test run with a user-friendly wizard guiding through common smartphone features. While offering the user to review the test results himself, we provide an optimal solution for detected issues.

Highlights in automated testing:

  • testing audio speaker capabilities with frequency spectrum analysis
  • testing acceleration sensor with stimulated vibration
  • WIFI and 3G capabilities are tested automatically
  • testing of installed apps and crash logs
  • upload of test data to the backend server

Catering for software related issues the user may be facing, a comprehensive software test is implemented. For instance, it detects malicious apps. Since bad programmed apps impact the smartphone system performance dramatically, the software test is one of the most important features. The user will be able to check for crashed apps and visualize app permissions.


coneXa – Conference Experience

coneXa is your mobile and flexible conference support app. Thanks to digital conference documents and an interactive information portal, you will benefit from more creative leeway in managing events. Last-minute changes or the very latest news? With coneXa your visitors will always be kept up-to-date with the newest developments – before, during and after the event. coneXa creates a platform for a conference experience that is personal, interactive and connective: With an individual agenda, direct feedback options and diverse networking opportunities.

  • Agenda, content and documents are available in the latest versions at all times (Content Management System)
  • A platform for interlinking all participants
  • Digital presentation format for all documents
  • Interactive service before, during and after the event
  • A real-time communication channel – on the day of your event and beyond

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Spatial Mind

Make our location intelligence work for you!

Spatial mind is the next generation location intelligence solution that enables interactive analyses and reports to be created and shared by business decision makers in minutes. We provide a secure data storage, optimization and analytics backend customizable for your business. We integrate into your platform by providing industry standard interfaces.ERP Integration
Place your resources in spatial locations. Analyse the consumption and throughput with tolls you are familiar with. Be a more agile company that can better adapt to situations and changes.

CRM Integration
Get more information about customer relation while tracking your employee’s locations over long time. Find strategic areas for new customers.

Process Integration
You need to optimize internal processes? Travel expenses are rising? Delivery expenses not getting tracked? We help you with custom spatial solutions.


Shopping Backward

Shopping Backward is a concept app solving serious problems of the retail industry. As e-commerce is getting widely accepted the retail industry looses customers in almost all categories. Shopping Backward faces thoses problems by introducing franchise bussines models for small retailers.
Retailers will be able to enhance their portfolio by combining the best of both worlds. By providing professional customer service as a retailer and extending the warehouse with virtual offers our customers will be offering more products to different customers.


Scoof is an innovative location based service platform that enables to link music, videos, pictures, chats, apps, games, tweets, posts, blogs etc. to locations and to push this content to mobile devices when users enter predefines geo fenced areas.
Scoof enables users, companies and developers to easily build innovative location based service applications and distribute them in geographically defined areas.

Scoof is a platform which consists of a web interface, a smartphone app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone and a scalable cloud based backend that acts as a gateway for the evaluation of geo referenced data collected via scoof.

Scoof components can be easily integrated in existing platforms and therefore can be used to leverage the contend of those platforms. The possibility to push geo referenced data to users when they enter geographically defined areas has high potential for reaching the user’s attention at the right moment.