_it’s all about being mobile!

apprausch is a young enterprise with its headquarters in Darmstadt, in the heart of the software cluster Rhein-Main-Neckar. Our interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, communication designers, engineers and physicists develops highly-available distributed applications, with a focus on mobile devices in combination with cloud platforms such as, for example, Windows Azure.

We can make your ideas a reality: from server-sided data processing which demands the highest levels of scalability, speed, availability and innovation, to client-side data visualisation with well thought out user interfaces. At the same time, we always bear in mind data mining and machine learning as we realize your ideas.

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_app development

apprausch develops tailor-made solutions in the field of mobile applications. We design cross-platform applications for smartphones and tablets running on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 8. Here, our focus is on the area of Context-Aware Computing, i.e. the influence of environment-specific information on software in order to maximise the additional value for the user.

_web development

apprausch develops cooperation portals and web-based business applications. Here we favour, among others, the cloud platform Microsoft Windows Azure. We offer you tailor-made solutions: from the customisation to the development and integration into your existing IT infrastructure.